Suggested Monetary Donation Levels:
Instead of sending flowers, stuffed teddy bears and other typical "Get Well" stuff, Scott and Rayna are asking for your assistance in covering the huge medical costs associated with Rayna's catastrophic experience.  Please consider donating the equivalent of what you would spend on a night out with your spouse, significant other or best friend. All monetary donations will be applied directly towards Rayna's current medical bills, on-going dialysis treatments, future surgeries and life long care. Donation buttons are preset with amounts indicated at each level.

Sunday Morning Starter


Rayna:  Chai Tea Latte (Grande) & Cinnamon Twist
This full-favored black tea, accented with sweet cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and vanilla has been Rayna's Sunday morning favorite ever since we moved to Redmond.

Scott:  Grande Latte

Sunday Morning Seattle Times



Dinner & DVD Rental
Great 50's diner experience, with hamburgers and shakes.

Redmond Town Center

Diet Coke ($1.49)
Alaskan Halibut Fish Tacos w/Onion Rings ($8.99)
Ruby Sundae w/Hershey's Chocolate, no nuts ($3.79)


Classic Coke ($1.49)
Mushroom Cheese (Cheddar) Burger w/Fries ($8.69)
Strawberry Shake ($3.99)

(2) Blockbuster DVD Rentals ($7.58)
Washington State Sales Tax ($3.35)



Dinner & Movie
Thai food is considered a "core" dinner in our relationship and this place has always been a favorite. The atmosphere and specials are wonderful.

The Art of Thai Cuisine

Starter:  Vegetarian Spring Rolls ($4.95)

Rayna:  Curry Roma ($15.95)
shrimp and scallop dumplings wrapped in a sheet of egg noodles with a light green curry sauce

Scott:  Three-Flavor Fish ($16.95)
delicately deep-fried halibut served with a dazzling sauce-spicy, sweet and sour

Wine Selection:  2002 Chateau Ste. Michelle Sauvignon Blanc ($18.00)

(2) Movie Tickets      ($18.50)
Washington State Sales Tax ($6.91)



Anniversary Dinner
What can we say..?  the Met has been a favorite place for celebrating our anniversaries, even before we tied the knot. It's simply the best. 


Lemon Drop ($8.75)
Artichoke Hearts starter ($7.95)
Alaskan Halibut Oscar ($39.95)
Dessert - Burnt Cream ($6.50)

Smoky Met Martini ($10.95)
Calamari starter ($9.95)
Filet Mignon - Metropolitan Cut ($48.95)
Dessert - Fresh Assortment of Berries & Cream ($8.50)

Wine Selection:  2001 Groth Merlot ($32.00)
Washington State Sales Tax ($16.14)



  Define Your Own
Those of you who have been married for a number of years know the importance of doing things together. Perhaps you would like to share your dinner suggestion via email and then define your own donation.  Just click the envelope.

NOTE: Dinner menus represent a general donation theme and are only intended to indicate suggested donation amounts. Items will not actually be purchased w/your donations.

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